Course Checkout


Please use only ONE Freelancing GMAIL account upon filling up the following:

  1. Billing Information
  2. Student Information form upon sending the proof of payment.

Please be informed that the email address will be used for the registration and payment.

User accounts are automatically deleted when:

  • The email addresses other than the Freelancing GMAIL are being used. 
  • Same person with dual/multiple accounts.
Important steps to do AFTER your checkout so we can move forward with your Enrollment:
  1. Please prepare a Freelancing Email (Gmail)
    • The freelancing email should be a Gmail (email)
    • This email will be for freelancing use only because you will have this email dedicated to working and not mixing with personal affairs.
    • It is suggested this email will have your real name to promote professionalism and trustworthiness to clients.
    • Please think of the BEST one as we will not allow any changes anymore after you’ve given us one. You will also use this email when you create an Academy account later on.
  2. Upload your Proof of Payment by completing this Student Information Form. Click Here
Thank you for purchasing this course and filling out the form. Your information will be reviewed by our team. Kindly wait for the response thru email.

For any concerns, please email us at

Please know that a portion of your payment goes to help end human trafficking, shelters the orphans and feed kids suffering starvation. We appreciate you helping us in this mission. ?
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