Here's how to change your password if the Password Reset link doesn't work.

Please be informed that our Password Resetting process is unavailable now and we are still developing our website.

This is just temporary. Thank you for understanding.

1. Go to your Profile Dashboard

Your Profile is located beside the Login button.

2. Go to Settings Tab and Click Password.

Feel free to navigate through your dashboard.

3. Fill up the required fields.

Please check your email for the current password.


  • Once you created a New Password, You will be redirected to log in again. So make sure you SAVE your new password to prevent you from the failed log-in attempts.
  • Our website is case sensitive and it’s best to use your EMAIL ADDRESS for the username to log in for your convenience.
  • If the error still persists, kindly send us a screenshot of the error message and email at or You can also reach us via our Contact Page:

Thank you

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