How it works


(Important: Please complete your profile. After registration, check your email for additional required information that you need to submit to get approved. Please note that you will not be able to post or apply for a job until your profile is approved. For Freelancers, ensure that you have set your payout method where your job earnings will be credited.

Please comply and submit additional requirements within 3-4 days; Should have completed the FVA’s Apprenticeship Program Phase 1 and/or Phase 2 for FVA Students. Ineligible accounts will automatically be deleted.

Here's how the Hiring process works

There are three types of Projects

  • Fixed project – Rate for the whole project. The employer will pay the freelancer’s proposed rate for the fixed project before hiring the freelancer.
  • Fixed project with milestone payments – Rate for the whole project that can be divided and paid per milestone. In this case, the employer may release and send the payment after the freelancer has completed each milestone.
  • Hourly based project – Rate will be based on the estimated no. of hours that will take to complete the project. The employer will pay the freelancer’s proposed rate according to the proposed estimated hours. Note that the freelancer needs to complete the proposed no. of hours.
    • In case the actual rendered hours is less than the proposed estimated hours, there will be no refund and the agreed rate will be paid to the freelancer.
    • If the actual rendered hours is greater than the estimated hours, the Admin will send an additional invoice to the client and will be paid to the freelancer.

After the Project has been completed

Remaining Slots

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